when I met The President of Switzerland…

Last summer I (Ben Pepper) was flown to Switzerland by the Top Adviser to the President of Switzerland’s Wife Mrs Furrer.

I was called up whilst living in Berlin last February to personally to do the creative direction on a exclusive private Birthday Party in Bern Switzerland for Marc (her Husbands 60th).

I met Mrs Furrer 4 years ago on a Swiss flight to Strasburg, we chatted about the arts and performance due the entire flight. I have been in touch with her ever since and we speak to them on a regular basis, this year I will be attending Mrs Furrers Birthday party held in October in Ascot Races, The Swiss family breed race horses in Normandy France and run them regularly.

So after 4 years my connection to the Swiss elite is as strong as ever and getting stronger… 😉

The Advisers Birthday party had 80 of the most important political people in Switzerland. The attendees include the President of Switzerland and his Wife who I met and spoke to for sometime. I was staying between the Advisers home and the Head of Swis Boarder Controls Penthouse Apartment on Bern River.

Here are some pictures from the Event in Bern, Enjoy